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I found this essay question handwritten inside a copy of Livy

The Orcadian is a crofter with a boat, the Shetlander is a fisherman with a croft. Discuss.

I know I didn't read as much of Livy as I was supposed to, all those years ago, but I really don't think he had anything to say about Orkney or Shetland ...
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Work funny

Apr. 24th, 2012 03:07 pm
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At the moment I am working on some very old books from the Thompson Collection, which is a collection of material for the teaching of classics. I have just catalogued this gem:

Outlines of ancient history, from the Deluge to the division of the Roman Empire; compiled from the writings of the most approved authors.

(note that self-published twaddle is nothing new)

What really amused me though, was the preface, which I am going to copy out in full for you all here

Courteous reader,

The ocean of history, whose waves have so often been ploughed by vessels of ample dimensions and costly freight, is now to be traversed by a humble barkm whose commander is not entirely destitute of that spirit which may be called in him ambition, since the object of his exercise is usefulness, and who has consequently ventured to launch his frail skiff upon the deep; trusting that, should it escape the rocks and shoals of malevolent criticism, it may meet with some favourable breeze, which will allow it to "pursue the triumph and partake the gale"


Feb. 20th, 2012 02:49 pm
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So have some amusement:

'Name 1'

Name 2
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But even so, it has to be journal of the day
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Greek footwear and the dating of sculpture

Not one we have, but I wish we did.


Jul. 21st, 2011 03:01 pm
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Before I had to edit it out of our record (I don't have so much detail for our copy), this record had the best descriptive note ever:

Bound in contemporary sheep

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9 years, and they still haven't found any regulation to write about:


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In other amusements, the DHL driver just locked his keys in the van ...
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After almost 6 years of waiting, this arrived today. I hope the folks in Civil Engineering are suitably excited ...


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