Feb. 18th, 2009 06:28 am
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Was just on Look North  - but it was some very, very old footage - from the last time the battle was in the Museum Gardens.

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Took a side trip to here on the way home from Cruckley. I have been meaning to take Bryn here for a while, because while the main house/gardens aren't really his thing, I had a feeling this might be.


Feb. 19th, 2008 05:34 pm
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I have come back from York with a massive list of kit I want/need to make (I have no idea where the time and money will come from, mind) - I doubt I will do all of it, but I need to do something about my kit as it is dreadful. Bryn's kit needs some attention too.

Tidying up my orangy-brown dress has to be the first priority for me though, as that can at least be done relatively cheaply, and would make me feel a lot better about my kit. I also need to fix my Coppergate Cap properly - which might be a chance to get my lucet out, and learn how to use it. I might also have a look at my yellow linen and see how that can be improved too.

Other thoughts from York:

Whoever turned the heating off in the rowing club in the early hours of sunday morning must die
Relatedly, dearest beloved, if you will persist in throwing off the cloak that is covering you, please not to be stealing the ones covering me. That is all.
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Thanks to the wonderful one sentence explanation, and patience of Cheryl, I have learned to Nalbind :)

I also learnt combat braid too, which I had never done before.
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Mum is staying with me for the week, and today we had a day out - it was yarn day!

We did do some non-yarny things too though

We also went to a Garden and Craft centre in the village of Wentworth, which was ok. The tearoom was very good, the garden centre was very expensive, and the craft workshops seemed more concerned with closing early

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Having had it recommended by the good [profile] phonemonkey, I purchased the latest issues of Interweave Piecework - and I am very, very impressed.

I love the articles and the patterns, but what most impressed me was that they assume the readers are intelligent. The particular comment that made my day, was where Nancy Bush described two-ended knitting as producing a fabric unlike those made by other traditional techniques, such as ordinary knitting, and naalbinding [emphasis mine]. I was just so delighted that they assumed their readership would either know what it was, or have the gumption to look it up.

Not to mention I am still sad enough to be impressed when someone outside of re-enactment has heard of naalbinding, although I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Nancy Bush has.

So, there you go. I am sad.
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I have been reading about project rotation on various crafy forums, so I think I am going to give it ago  - perhaps it will give me a better chance of getting somethings finished. I do like the idea of working on things in turn, as there is one project I won't finish any other way. I also like the flexibility for urgent projects, and the empahsis on doing things you *really want* to do too.

So I am going to work in 10 hour spurts on a variety of things - and try not to have 2 of the same sort of project in a row to really break things up. Although space constraints for travelling with projects, and knitting night might have an effect on that.

The first projects are:
Kit making (tunic, cloak, coppergate cap and wimple)
knitting my jumper
the cross stitch I am doing for mum
the rspca cats cross stitch I hate (see what I mean about getting things done)

I may add a 'cindy scarf' into that mix too, to give me more variety

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I think I am now about halfway done with Branching Out - I am not 100% sure as the instructions say that yarn one gives 27 pattern repeats, and yarn 2 gives 36. I am using neither, so I think 15 repeats is probably half way. I shall knit to 30 repeats and then see how it looks and how much yarn I have left  (probably loads).

I need to start embroidering the trim on the tunic, but I am as panicky and nervous about this as I was about starting the tunic. What if he doesn't like it? What if it doesn't fit? What if it is wrong and won't pass kit check?

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... and whine about the weather.

As those of you who have seen my pictures from Aber will know we had glorious weather for the whole week. So I come back to Leeds - and it rains, sleets, hails, and this morning my ears were so cold, they hurt. I hear on the traffic reports and see in the paper that there has been snow in the South East.

So, what happended to spring?

Oh, and I haven't dared weigh myself, even though I discovered I can read and use the step machine at the same time (100 steps last night- go me!)

On a more positive note, I have now retrieved my parcels from the Postal Orifice, and I even walked up there this morning (exercise, in the cold, I was being very good), so I have my KnitPicks pattern (thanks Kate and Ryan - baby blanket will be restarted this weekend) and my scissors from JoJo.

Also, I have been asked to be Hwitmearum's LHE Officer, which is very cool
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But I must learn to knit socks - if only so I can knit socks with Regia sock wool!
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Or so it would seem from York this weekend. I must admit it felt really odd to willingly pose for so many photographs when I normally run a mile from a camera, but then again I willingly wear pink when I am re-enacting, so it must all be part of the same thing.

Now, the question is, am I on any pictures that are online? Seeing as several people wanted to see the frock that was taking up so much of my time. Not as yet .. but I am still looking  - it is early days for most of the pics to have gone up.

I had a lot more fun than I thought I would have at the show  - especially as this was my first York as a civilian. Although I do want to go back to fighting eventually, I do think that being a civilian will be fun too. Especially on a new and growing wic with Hwitmearum. Now I just need to get my test passed so I can get to more shows.
It would have been better if I hadn't been so ill straight afterwards though ...  (although I did lose 3lbs, so it wasn't all bad)

My Knitting Olympics have resulted in failure. What with illness, frock making, more illness I am nowhere near finished. Ah well. I have also made no further cross stitch progress, but we now have a dedicated WIP night on my stiching forum, so that might change.
On the plus side I have found some gorgeous hand-dyed madder/woad variagated linen thread that I had forgotten I had. This will be used on a banquet frock eventually, as it is a bit posh for the dress I have just made. I found some nice yellow for that though, so I can get on with that sometime.
I am currently obsessed with what to knit next, even though I have 2 projects on the go already. I am thinking I might make an afghan, as the blanket I have been wrapping myself in these last 3 days is a bit unwieldy, and that would be good to take to do at Aberystwyth.

Studywise I am still behind, but am still going to the study school, and I will just have to get myself out of this mire somehow.
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Yay! I have purple back again!

I have not made any progress at all on Mum's present, as she was here all weekend, which meant I couldn't work on it.

We did get my dress made for York though (thankyou Mum) and as my green linen dress still just about fits, I should be ok <fingers crossed I get through kit check>. There wasn't enough fabric for a sash, which on the one hand is a shame, on the other hand is probably going to stop me looking like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle (and yes, the dress is brown....). I have just finished pinning the hems, and should get them sewn tomorrow or wednesday. I don't know if I will get any of the embroidery done though, as I have to get on with the knitting olympics scarf.

Speaking of which, the scarf is progressing - slowly - as this weekend reinforced my inability to count and talk at the same time. Which will be interesting if I do have to take the scarf to York ... It might be done in time. I also need to choose what I am doing next (well when I have finished the cushions), and it will have to be something easy again, if I am to take it to Aber with me.

The Physio is very pleased with the progress I am making, and I don't have to see her again for a month, which is good. I am also really convinced it is work that is causing the problems, as I was a lot better at home last week, despite napping in awkward positions in my armchair, than I am after less than a full day at work. Not that anyone at work cares .... <sigh>

Lunch was a success yesterday, and Blue was the model of doggy good manners - a perfect guest. Perhaps I can try some more ambitious entertaining when I have the table in the garden this summer. This makes me feel almost grown up, I am not sure I like this.

I am still at a stall with my study though. I will set myself the target of settling to it after York. I have enough credits for the study school  - and I hope to have this module done not long after the study school anyway - if not by the study school

I have not lost any weight since last week, but I have also not gained any. All bets are off for next time though, as I know I won't eat well at York.


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