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Aug. 13th, 2008 09:28 am
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I appreciate that catalogue shopping is not designed to bring one instant gratification. However, JD Williams, if an item is in your catalogue, and on your website, I expect it to be available now - not October. Which is a very long time from now. Too long in fact, because you see even though I am aware that we are supposed to by clothes a season in advance, I don't. I go shopping when I need something to wear now/soon. Not in October. I neither know what size I will be, or what the weather will be like by then.

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To the woman who interrupted my transaction at the railway station,

If you have previously written down your booking number wrong, thus preventing you from retreiving your tickets from the machine, why did you not take more care this time?

No love

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This morning when I woke up I had no water. From any tap. So, I duely call Yorkshire Water to find out why I have no water.

So, after taking my details, and asking me some questions I really couldn't answer (how long has it been off? I don't know, I have only been up half an hour. Do your neighbours have water? I don't  know, I don't think they would appreciate me going asking them at 6.30am), the lady on the phone then asks if there are works in the area, and I say yes. She doesn't think they are the cause, as they haven't written to me about them, but can I stay home for 2 hours so she can find out. Sorry no, I am up at 6.30am because I have to go to work.

I then leave to get the 7.00 bus. What do I see. A new hole in the road, with a Yorkshire Water van parked next to it. Not 300m from my house. So I call them back. I get a bloke this time. I ask him if this might be why I have no water, and why didn't they know about it when I called before. He says yes that is likely why as they are doing a mains repair, and they didn't tell me about it in advance as they didn't think it would affect me!

This is not the first time Yorkshire Water has dug a whopping big hole in the road, within sight of my house, and failed to tell me that I might not have no water  - and not known about the hole when I have called them. I can't say I am overly impressed by this.
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While I like the idea of restaurants only serving seasonal vegetables (and firmly believe people should relearn what is, in fact, in season), I am not certain we should make yet another law about this.

Why can't we see if social pressure and education works first?
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Gethin should have stayed in. That is all.
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The One Show has just told us that real Christmas Trees are more environmentally friendly than artificial ones. This is rather irritating, when you would like nothing more than a real tree, but are allergic to them :( 


Nov. 17th, 2007 07:32 pm
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I am watching The Culture Show due to 1) there being nothing else on, and 2) there was a section on Beowulf. I don't think I will be wacthing again.

It seems to be designed to sneer at anything it profiles. Especially anything 'old', like Beowulf, or anything British, like many of the lead actors in US tv.

The Beowulf section was especially annoying. The presenter seemed to have nothing but disdain for the poem, didn't comprehend why it might be filmed. The interview with Neil Gaiman was derisory in its lengths, considering they went onto interview the woman who wrote a novel based on the film. In Second Life of course, as she is 'interview shy' (so don't interview her), about the importance of myth! Which really, they would have been far better of talking to Neil Gaiman about, considering what he writes.
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So, if you know Kingston-upon-Hull is in East Yorkshire (which it isn't, adminstratively, at the moment), why the hell do you keep calling it Humberside.

Oh, and Sarah Kennedy referred to Humberside the other morning. Just as well I have other things on my mind at 6.15am, or Radio 2 would have got a blistering text!


Jul. 4th, 2007 06:34 pm
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Apparently people are stealing the aluminium connectors from the hoses pumping the flood water away around Toll Bar in South Yorkshire.

They have already had to deal with looters.

I am lost for the words to describe the people who are doing this. They are the lowest of the low.
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1: There is quite a difference between 9 and 19  when it comes to decreasing.
2: Your knitting pattern errata are damned hard to find.

Dear BBC

Jul. 2nd, 2007 01:09 pm
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As Humberside has not existed (officially speaking) since 1996, please stop referring to it in your news bulletins.

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The good thing is that the tickets for my Easter trip are all booked, and the whole thing is only costing £24.50

The bad thing is the postman didn't knock very loudly this morning, so I didn't hear him. So I didn't get my parcel. The earliest I can get it now is tuesday :-(
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Hearing the wind and rain pound against your bedroom window on the morning you are going back to work is bad enough, hearing the radio weather forecast for 'showers in central areas', and sunny spells elsewhere just makes it even worse
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I have now emailled Curious Yarns twice now to enquire about the spindles in their spinning kits, and have not had an answer.

There is a bus strike on monday, but I can't have the day off - even though University policy says yes, because too many other people are off. So I have had to beg a lift into work  - I really didn't like having to ask.

Paying for the next term of Yoga this evening was a nightmare  - the staff behind the desk ignored me in favour of the phones, with not even a word of apology until the end of the transaction (when they finally served me), and then there were no buses back (at least 2 missed). This was really galling on a day the buses were full of propaganda papers proclaiming that the services were getting more reliable!

Just a day of little annoyances really


Nov. 23rd, 2006 03:48 pm
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The card shop in the Students' Union is normally fairly good. Today it has failed me. 

1) There were no birthday cards for 'Aunt'. Loads for niece and cousin, but none for 'Aunt' - which doesn't make sense. I asked, but got a blank look 

2) On the Christmas card display, the 'Mum', 'Dad' and 'Mum & Dad' cards were way up high out of my reach. So I couldn't browse them. 
Looks like they won't be getting that sale 

3) There was 1 'boyfriend card', and precious few alternatives ('someone special' etc). Looks like they won't be getting that sale either. 


Nov. 18th, 2006 10:35 am
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I arranged for a parcel to be redelivered today. No parcel, and no post at all.

I am livid, not only have I been waiting long enough for this parcel (that they never told me had arrived), but I am waiting for an important letter from Mum too that should have arrived today

Now there is no chance of anything until Monday
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Well I have now re-passed my theory test, so I am good to go with the practical test  at some point in the not too distant future. 

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I am not at Yoga because the bus didn't turn up  - and nor did the one after that. I stood there in the cold for an hour before I gave up waiting (and as I write there has still not been a bus). I have complained to Metro and I will be apologising to my teacher.

I am so upset though, as this means I have missed 3 sessions of yoga already this term, and I am going to have to miss another one becuase of the holiday. This is not the first time that the bus has missed in the evening either. So it looks like I will have to go back to getting the other buses from the bottom of the estate. But I was hoping not to have to walk through my estate in the dark ...

Even more annoyingly, I left work early to make sure I was home in time to get showered and changed in time for the early bus. So wasting flexi time, and money.

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My lack of motivation for study is alive and well. So I have finished a scarf, made apple crumble, leek and cheese tart and lemon curd tarts, exercised and yoga'd.

I will make a serious effort to do some study tomorrow - really ;-)


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