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The weekend before last was the biannual Day of Dance in Saltaire. I had originally booked onto 3 workshops, but one was cancelled at the last minute as the teacher was ill. Which ended up being for the best as I wasn't overly well that Saturday too.

This left me with two workshops.

1: Tribal
Not really a learning experience, but a lot of fun. I signed up for this workshop to go along in full kit and 'help' - this ended up meaning leading a line of people, as well as providing them with someone to look at when they turned round. 90 minutes with full kit on is hard work!

2: The Wicked Waltz
This was a talk on the history of the dance, and why it was considered 'wicked' when it first became popular. He also looked at some of the possible origins of the waltz in the folk dances of Austria and Bavaria. It was utterly fascinating, and complete with illustrations and music. It was a shame there weren't more of us there, and I hope it hasn't put him off doing more talks. Apparently the talk on the Tango last time was better attended.

To complete my weekend of dance, on Sunday I caught up with the BBC programme recreating the Netherfield Ball from Pride and Prejudice. if you didn't see it, get the DVD (I will, but not in the same month as Woolfest!) as it was so fascinating. The dances, the music, the clothes, the manners. Everything is covered in detail, it got a full 90 minutes on the tv! One of the best history programmes I have seen in quite some time. 
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This is rather late, but by the time I had 'recovered' enough to want to LJ the trip, LJ had started going wonky!

A very long post with lots of photos and videos (I hope the videos work) )


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