March Books

Apr. 4th, 2017 08:06 pm
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8: All Teachers Great and Small Andy Seed

One of the books I bought Mum for her birthday, and read once she had finished with it. It is gently funny, but I don't enjoy this series as much as the other teacher books she reads, there is just something a bit smug in the tone. They are very well written, making the personalities of the children shine through, and laughing with them, not at them.

9: Great Cities in History John Julius Norwich

Not just by John Julius Norwich, as it is a whopped of a coffee table book with essays on each city by relevant expert writers. Stunning colour images, worth taking your time over both the images and the writing. Really enjoyed this.

10: The Sacred Stone The Medieval Murderers

Another great book from the Medieval Murderers - excellent interlinked stories, except, as usual, I wish they would stop trying to tack a modern story on the end, as they are seldom so good. Looking forward to the next one.

11: The Lair of the White Fox Peter Tremayne

Good novella. Set while Fidelma is studying, and fills in some of her background, and her decision to become a Religiuse. Good plot and characters, I enjoyed this story very much. Love the history of Medieval Ireland too, and the view of society.

12: The Peacock's Cry Paul Doherty

Very good novella, brining Old Master Long-Face out of retirement. Lovely to return to one of my favourite authors (this guy is seriously prolific) and detectives. Nice plot and characters, with an excellent twist.

13: The Double Clue: and other Hercule Poirot stories Agatha Christie

Four very good Poirot stories, two of which are introduced by Sophie Hannah, the new authorised Poirot author, and 4 I hadn't read before. Very good stories, no Miss Lemon, but we do get Hastings and Japp.

14: The Spook Who Spoke Again Peter Tremayne

Not Albia, Postumous! This was so funny, I was literaly snickering to myself on the bus! Love the links both to the recent Albia novels, and the resurrection of Falco's play from Last Act in Palmyra - definitely worth a read. Postumous is a very strange child indeed.

15: The Bone Jar Candace Robb

Good little story with a nice plot twist. It is ages since I have read anything in this series, I must look out for them agian.
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