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Jun. 6th, 2007 11:27 am
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Why yoga has the reputation for tying yourself in knots. We did the star postures last night. 

Most of the postures we normally do are quite stretched out , although there are some twists too, but these were really all knotty, as we first had to work out how to get our hands and feet where they should be, before we could even begin to bend into them. 

For the most part I liked them - even though they don't seem to have been designed for people with short arms and legs. The forward bending was certainly less uncomfortable than it is for me in the standing postures (and in the windmill, which we did later). 

We also did the moon salute, which I normally like, but last night my knees didn't want to co-operate, so by the third repetition they were complaining a bit, even though I had rolled my mat up for padding. 

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One of my friends at yoga is 60 tomorrow (on yoga day), so I decided to make her a card


May. 9th, 2007 12:44 pm
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Yoga went really well last night, especially considering we did some of my least favourite positions - namely the camel and the single leg maltese cross (I must admit, I dislike the double more).

I noticed that I had improved a lot in the maltese cross, and Liz commented that I was getting a lot more flexible generally, and she said I had a nice position in the camel (even though I can't reach my feet - that position is not designed for those of us with short limbs/long torsos), and that surprised me a lot.

Liz also thanked me for suggesting that we talk about neti pots, which she turned into a general talk about yogic cleansing practices - some of which sound scarier than others! I really liked the sound of the body brushing, so will be saving my Boots points for a cactus fibre body brush! It was a really interesting talk generally, and almost everyone took a handout, so I don't think I was the only person who was interested.


Apr. 25th, 2007 08:28 am
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Yoga started again last night, after a 5 week break. I almost didn't go, as I was feeling really sick for most of yesterday, but I went, and I am very glad I did. Not only do I feel so much better, but it sounds like it is going to be a really interesting term.

Liz is going to expand the Hatha yoga we have been doing to include discussing diet, hygiene and more about the yoga lifestyle  - which sounds really interesting. I will use this chance to talk to her about Neti Pots if I can.

Also, it looks like it will be quite a small group this term, which will also be good, as we will get more attention from Liz, and should be able to make more progress. I hope it also means we can do some more of the fun things that take up lots of room, like the 12 point sequence and foot yoga
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Both to yoga and to knitting!

Knitting was good, even though I could only stay an hour. Even though not a lot of people came, we did have a beginner knitter there, who was getting lessons. I didn't volunteer to teach, as I couldn't stay. I was disappointed to see him talked out of trying purling, which would have been needed for the begginners scarf kit he had (which was stocking stitch I think). 

I didn't take the baby blanket with me, as I decided it was too big to cart into town with my yoga stuff as well, so I took my long-abandonded cushion front, as that fits in my handbag. Quite a lot of people were surprised not to see the blanket, and asked after it, which surprised me a lot. I have promised them a photo when it is done. 

Yoga went really well. Again, there weren't many people there, which was a shame, but that did mean more attention, and more space - especially along the walls when we did one of the balances. We did some new postures, as well as some I am familiar with, and Liz even said I was doing well a couple of times, which made it feel like the struggle was worth it
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I had two nice things happen today

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I am not at Yoga because the bus didn't turn up  - and nor did the one after that. I stood there in the cold for an hour before I gave up waiting (and as I write there has still not been a bus). I have complained to Metro and I will be apologising to my teacher.

I am so upset though, as this means I have missed 3 sessions of yoga already this term, and I am going to have to miss another one becuase of the holiday. This is not the first time that the bus has missed in the evening either. So it looks like I will have to go back to getting the other buses from the bottom of the estate. But I was hoping not to have to walk through my estate in the dark ...

Even more annoyingly, I left work early to make sure I was home in time to get showered and changed in time for the early bus. So wasting flexi time, and money.

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My first yoga class of the new term (which was the second class of the course, I missed the first class while I was away last week), went a lot better than I thought it would.

Even though I didn't do as much yoga over the holiday as I would have liked, I wasn't too out of shape, and I even managed a balance I wasn't able to do last term.

There are a lot of new faces though, and some of them seem very flexible ... not sure how this will go. Maybe they will go up to intermediate quite soon

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As none of the Yoga books I have ordered from the library have turned up yet, I borrowed:

Yoga Mind and Body by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (Dorling Kindersley)

because it seemed like an introduction to Yoga from the blurb on the book, and Dorling Kindersley books generally have good pictures - which I thought would be a *very* good thing in a Yoga book.

I am disappointed, no, I am appalled.

There is very little introduction at all, the book goes straight into quite a strenuous sequence, claiming this is how all yoga classes start (well they might at the centre, but they don't say that) and the rest of the postures pictured in the book are quite advanced - to the extent that I would be worried about a complete beginner doing themselves an injury trying some of these.

The section on diet and detox isn't much safer either - especially the nose and stomach cleansing techniques. Again I think a complete beginner trying these without the supervision of a more experienced practitioner could make themselves very ill.
Some of the vegetarian recipies are rather nice, and I will make note of those ones, but the preachy tone towards how superior vegetarianism is, and the assertation that meat is bad for you (we are designed to be omnivores, not vegetarians, as this book claims), really irritates me. As does innaccurate information about the food chain (it implies we get more toxins because we eat animals that eat animals that have eaten animals that eat crops that have been sprayed - even though most food animals are herbivores). Nor does it take into account that some people farm animals because not all land is suitable for agricultural crops.

I really did expect better from this book.

Last Yoga

Jun. 27th, 2006 10:12 pm
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I have just got back from my last Yoga class for almost 3 months, as the classes don't run over the summer.  I am quite sad, as I have made some good friends in the class, and I do really enjoy it.

So, it is on my own for the summer - unless I can make it to any one off classes. Well on my own with DVDs and podcasts for company.

Here's hoping I do continue to practice this summer - and that I even improve.
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Well I have now completed the first term of the Yoga class, and I can't wait for next term to start as I am really enjoying it. I think it is helping a little with the weight loss, and it is certainly helping with the posture and back pain. I am sure the breathing will come along in time (especially once my sinuses are sorted)  - although last nights attempt at alternate nostril breathing was an unmitigated disaster! My nose is apparently unfamilar with the concept that it can be used for breathing through ;-)

It has now got to the stage that I am seriously considering modifying my garden design so that I can incorporate some yoga space, as I am short of space indoors (I have no room to do a lot of the twists), so I can do more practice in the summer.

I have picked up some good leaflets from my teacher, so between those and the DVD I bought a while ago, I should be able to keep going over the break.

As a bonus, there is a real chance that work might pay for the yoga through the 'Learning for Life' scheme !

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Today met my Mum in York for a spot of shopping  - and I discovered some things about York, mostly good, but two not so good.

The not so good things are that it now costs £5 to go into York Minster, which I think is scandalous! (I was still able to light a candle though [profile] mamlambo, without having to pay to go in). Also, there isn't a second wool shop on The Shambles, despite what I was assured at Knitterati, but that isn't so important.

The good things were I know know where the shop that sells Moniack is, and it is close to most of my other favourite shops in York! Also, Mum and I rediscovered a very good pub, where we had a massive lunch. The Japanese Shop is wonderful (thanks [profile] mamlambo for letting me know about that).

Best of all though, when Mum met me she presented me with my finished Yoga Mat Bag (
Namaste from Knitty):

Isn't she wonderful to have knitted that for me!

As I also discovered a fabric shop in Leeds I didn't know about when I was on my way home on the bus, it has been a very good day.

Despite the snow - which wasn't supposed to happen, and snuck up on us, just as we went to the market (talk about timing). Mum still bought me some flowers in the market though, which was very nice of her - especially as she had already bought me a very funky purple fair trade bag!

Other matters:

I am still a little frustrated that I can't track down a copy of the second issue of KnitSimple as I don't even know if I want it until I have seen the patterns in it.

I have discovered I can't count. I was stitching away on Lamby's bookmark last night, and convinced myself I was out somewhere, as 15 stitches would make my outline too long. I got Mum to recount for me today - and I only need 14 stitches. So it was all in my head. Serves me right for trying to stitch that late at night!
This means the bookmark is coming along nicely. I wish I could say the same for the rest of my crafting. I am no further along with the scarf, and I need to unpick a lot of the project I am doing for Mum, as I know that is wrong - and the deadline for that is looming alarmingly. I also still haven't done anything about making up my cushions - or finishing my cushion. I also now have several things in the queue for knitting next!

The happy news is I have a baby blanket to knit for 2 very good friends of mine - so I think that I will take that to Aber to knit.

Speaking of Aber. I really have not been a good girl regarding my study lately, but I am booked for my next study school (or should be, I sent the cheque), and I am hoping that that gives me the kick start I need. It should do, as this is the most interesting of the study schools  - lots of cataloguing and indexing, and a visit to the National Library of Wales, so I am really looking forward to this.

The other good news is that [personal profile] silvernik has made it home ok! I really do hope she manages to get up here for a weekend soon, although there is no rush, as no-one else seems to want all the library books I have out, so they will be here a while. I have all we have on tablet weaving, and a couple of books on the textile finds at Coppergate.

I have also been bouncing around this week, as I have discovered that there is a potentially wonderful
not far from here. It seems to sell all things spinning related (except drop spindles, but I am drooling over them on Ebay at the moment), including fleece that I think would be authentic for Regia. They also sell an assortment of knitting things, and let you try things out free. I have to go here, and soon. No waiting until I have passed my driving test and can drive myself - I can't wait that long.
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Quite a lot to say this time as it has been a while since I updated.

Work is well ... work. Mostly things have not improved in the slightest, and I don't think they will as long as I remain in my current position. I was looking to leave this year, but now I have had a possible research project suggested, which sounds really good. So I am a little torn.
Study is going slowly, although I am enjoying this module a lot more than the management module - it is jsut getting back into good study habits that is proving very hard. Again, I am getting more support for that at work (somewhat indirectly though)

On a more positive note, I have lost 6kg/12lb from my heaviest weight - which I am really pleased about. The Yoga is going well too, so <fingers crossed> my health should finally be on the up! I have even done a little Yoga at home, which might start me exercising at home now too (especially as I have exercises to do from the physio too).

The knitting is coming along nicely, and I should be able to get to both 'Stitch 'n' Bitch' meetups this month, as there is no Yoga next week. Speaking of which, despite my recent defection from the Gwerin, I have decided to join Team Wales for the Knitting Olympics:

Why not? I qualify under their rules ....

I have still not started the cross-stitch I need to have done, and framed, by Mothers' Day, as my motivational issues are spilling over into that too. I really shall have to get a move on with that after the weekend.

I am also more determined than ever to learn to crochet, as I have had some great crochet books out from the library recently.

First Post

Jan. 21st, 2006 10:56 am
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I am not sure how good an idea this is, but several friends have been on at me to get a LJ, so here I am.

This year did not get off to a good start, so I made 2 resolutions:

1: Sort my health
2: Keep in better touch with people

This LJ is part of resoultion 2. Mostly I will be talking about my degree - MSc(Econ.) Library and Information Studies, distance learning from the Universtiy of Wales Aberystwyth - and my crafting, which at the moment is cross stitch and knitting.

 I have not done any study yet this year, as I have had real trouble settling to it, but I need to get a move on with it, finding the motivation is hard though. I seem to finally be getting some support from work though, which makes a change. Pity I am not getting the same support about my health - especially as they are the main cause of some of the problems.

Craft wise things are a little better, as I have done my first stitching of the year (card for my Mum, pic to follow) and have signed up for Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics, for which I will be making a scarf. I know this doesn't sound much of a challenge, but it is three thin scarves that are to be plaited (Platied Scarf from Home by Debbie Bliss), and I do have to study as well. Not to mention I am still a very new knitter.

Healthwise things are looking up, as I have seen the Doc, and started Yoga. I have also lost 1/2 stone since the beginning of the year (not in a healthy way, but lets gloss over that).

Thats all for today, chores and study are calling.


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