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There was a piece on Countryfile this morning, about organic food, local food, credit crunch and all that. Fair enough. However, when they noted, with surprise that the 'local foods' shops didn't have any local apples, I was fair ready to scream at the tv.

It is not apple season.

You should know this if you work for Countryfile

Dr Who

Apr. 6th, 2008 06:11 pm
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A built in coffee maker is only a selling point if your buyers like coffee. 
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I watched this on Bryn's recommendation and I was so impressed - it was well written, funny and the music was great.

I loved the idea of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in the same flat - and that was where most of the comedy came from.  However, it wasn't free of cliche either - not only was the vampire rather, well very, sexy, but he was 'nice' - unlike the rest of his kind. Just a shade or so of Angel there (Mitchell really was a tortured soul at times). For a tv budget the animation of George becoming a werewolf was excellent. Niether overdone, nor cheesy.

The only real disappointment - it is a one off :( However, at the time of writing it will still be on the i-Player for 5 more days. Watch it. It isn't even an hour long, and it is an hour well spent. I wonder if it will come out on DVD?

There are enough unanswerd questions that more could be made (please, please BBC), as we don't know how Annie died, or if Mitchell will continue to defy the rest of the Vampires.
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Is not annoying me today. I like Victorian houses - and these are pretty :D Espeically the one that still had an Orangery - WANT. 
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For crying out loud, take up horseriding because you want to woman, not just because everyone says it is the 'perfect country pursuit' now you live in the countryside - especially if you are married to the man who thinks mud in a working farmyard is 'terrible'

Also, most of these barn conversions don't actually look like barns.
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When are we going to remember how to play rugby for a full 80 minutes?

I have just watched the Italy-England game on the iPlayer. It started so well ::sigh::
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£9000 for curtains? Three days to hang? I would be scared to touch the things. Also, £1200 on lightswitches - you had better have a lot of lights ...

Yes, I have been watching Britain's Dream House again - this time it was Manor Houses.


Feb. 11th, 2008 05:58 pm
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What is the point of having a thatched cottage in the country if you do the interior out like a modern loft apartment?

No I did not like the £1million house on Britain's Dream Houses


Feb. 10th, 2008 09:42 pm
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I am watching Around the World in 80 Gardens. It is depressing to hear how many great gardens (including those around the Taj Mahal) were 'improved' under British Rule. Improved by adding lawns (just like Capability Brown landscapes)


I don't get the attraction of grass/lawn in the slightest.

Now water gardens I could go for in a big way, they are stunning.

As I have this on my (ever growing) to be read pile, the spice gardens have been very interesting.
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Gethin should have stayed in. That is all.
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The One Show has just told us that real Christmas Trees are more environmentally friendly than artificial ones. This is rather irritating, when you would like nothing more than a real tree, but are allergic to them :( 


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