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This is rather late, but by the time I had 'recovered' enough to want to LJ the trip, LJ had started going wonky!

A very long post with lots of photos and videos (I hope the videos work) )
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Yesterday I went over to Halifax for an event called Homespun Yarns, that was launching the exhibition of the same name at the Art Gallery in the Piece Hall.

more words, more pictures )

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The icon pretty much sums up my weekend - rather damp. Still, had a nice day out on Friday and managed to be quite productive for the rest of the weekend.

York )
Knitting )

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I had a couple of days at home with Mum this week, and we went out on both days, I will run all this, and the birthday stuff into this post, so it will be long.

Wednesday - Nunnington Hall  )

Thursday - York )

Knitting things )

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I am home safe.

I hope this is also applies to all my colleagues, and to those of you on my flist that had to go out today

Made it

Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:54 am
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Sadly I had no trouble at all getting into work today ;)

I really wish they would stop telling people not to travel unless we have to - of course we have to, we have to go to work!

Seems Leeds is better off than London, as not only do we have buses today, but they seem to be running well.

I have already seen 2 examples of being unsuitably dressed - high heels and no hats! I wonder how many more I will see

I got a good photo of the snow on campus this morning, but I don't think I will be able to share it until the PC is running a bit better.

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Chatting with [ profile] phonemonkey  the other day, the World Heritage List came up in the conversation.

So, I have decided to see how many I have been to, and to try and see as many as I can (in my lifetime this is a long term goal)

oops, that got long, better cut it ;) )

(why yes I am excessively bored on evening duty - I am also trying to think positive to get out of my funk)

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To the woman who interrupted my transaction at the railway station,

If you have previously written down your booking number wrong, thus preventing you from retreiving your tickets from the machine, why did you not take more care this time?

No love



Jun. 15th, 2008 09:27 pm
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The thing about taking the train to London, and not the coach, is that it means I cross the city on the underground. Which means I don't see anything. Not even the funky tiles at the station, as they seem to have been taken off so many stations  - especially on the Victoria line (how do they know to close that every time I go to Kent?)

I like to look at things.


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