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On the way home we went to Bletchley Park, which was wonderful as it was one of the places we had wanted to go to on the original trip.

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Holiday post part 2

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Back at the beginning of August, Mum and I went on a coach holiday together. Finally I am getting round to posting some pictures.

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Yesterday I went over to Halifax for an event called Homespun Yarns, that was launching the exhibition of the same name at the Art Gallery in the Piece Hall.

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Seeing as Mum wasn't at work on Saturday, we took ourselves over to Bishop Wilton Show. The weather Gods smiled on us, as it rained all the way there, rained all the way back, but didn't rain at all in the 2.5 hours we were there. There was even enough sunshine for me to get a minor sunburn (it itches!)

All in all we had a great time :)
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Got back just after midnight on monday (so really tuesday by then), and am back at work today.

I have transferred the photos on to my pc, but haven't put them online yet.

Expect a flurry of picture-heavy posts over the  next couple of days as I bore you all to death about the holiday.
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Aug. 17th, 2007 02:26 pm
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On wednesday Mum and I had our second day out and went to York

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Mum is staying with me for the week, and today we had a day out - it was yarn day!

We did do some non-yarny things too though

We also went to a Garden and Craft centre in the village of Wentworth, which was ok. The tearoom was very good, the garden centre was very expensive, and the craft workshops seemed more concerned with closing early

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Indoor shots this time, as it was rather rainy last week, and I haven't had chance to take any this week.

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I finally got over my embarrasment about stopping in the middle of Leeds to take photos - I hope I can keep this up and take more


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