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Despite my best intentions, I have again not been updating LJ. So here comes an update on the 4 shows I have been to recently.

1: Blood Brothers - Bridlington Spa

Yes, a West End show came on tour to Bridlington for the first time ever. There is hope it won't be the last though as this was a success. Sold Out/Standing Ovations etc.
Maureen Nolan was playing Mrs. Johnston, and she was excellent - as were all of the cast to be fair. I loved the way the adults portrayed children early in the show, it was very funny. I knew some of the music, and the basic plot, but I hadn't seen the whole thing before, and I really enjoyed it. Teared up a bit at the end too, even though I knew what was coming.

2: Dancing on Ice Live - the Final Tour  - Leeds Arena

I have no idea why, but I never really watched the tv show, even though it is the sort of thing I like. But when your friend texts you with the offer of a free ticket, you say yes anyway!
The first half of the show followed the format of the show, routines, interviews, judges, voting - I voted for Kyran Bracken (because Rubgy), and then the second half was showcase routines from the professionals, the celebrities, and Torvill and Dean. Sadly the sight of Joe Pasquale in neon pink lycra will stay with me some time. Fortunately, this was more than outweighed by seeing Torvill and Dean do both Lets Face the Music and Dance  and Bolero  - it is hard to believe it is the 25th Anniversary of that routine!

3: La Boheme  - Leeds Grand Theatre

I had never been to the opera at all until a couple of years ago, and now I seem to be going all the time. Mostly as I have access to discounted (and sometimes free) tickets through work (the University is apparently a partner of Opera North - loosely translated this means 'gave them money')
I knew the story of this and had heard some of the music, but most of it was new to me - and it was wonderful. Loved the sets too, they were very well done.

4: West Side Story - Leeds Grand Theatre

This is Mum's favourite musical, so when a production with the original Jerome Robbins choreography was coming to Leeds we couldn't not go. It was quite dear, but was worth every penny. We nearly didn't make it due to the rubbishness of bank holiday buses, but an emergency taxi later, we got there in time.
The singing and dancing was amazing - so much energy! I loved the use of projected photos of New York in the backdrops. The night we went the understudy was playing Tony - and both Mum and I thought he looked like a young Aled Jones! Not that that is anything against him, as he was very good.
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Yesterday I went to the food festival in Leeds to meet up with a friend for her birthday - in the end there was a group of about 6 of us there. We split up to get the food of our choice for lunch, and then we managed to get some seats on the benches near the stage when we met up again. This coincided with a presentation from 'the Asda Chef' (Asda sponsor the festival) introduced by Claire Frisbee (who presents Look North on BBC Breakfast).

It didn't start well as Claire Frisbee announced that the chef would be making whatever, and that the Asda's head of Food Innovation (I can't remember either of their names) would be making something sweet 'for the ladies'. Later on as the HOFI was putting icing onto a pre-made cake (there wasn't much actual cooking in her part of the demonstration) she mentioned you could get your husband to do this 'as he's good at plastering'


At least the the food was good - and the cider was excellent. 
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On Saturday we (Mum, Bryn & I) went to Leeds City Museum, as there was an exhibition on that Mum and I wanted to see.

The museum is a relatively recent re-addition to Leeds, as most of the exhibits have been in storage for some time, awaiting a new home - and some people were not so keen on the re-purposing of the Civic Institute in this way. It has been done well  - the beauty of the building, both inside and out has been retained, as has the central lecture theatre - which can still, presumably, be used for lectures - especially with the addition of rather nifty AV equipment.

We saw most of the galleries, just missing out the world gallery, which I will go back and see sometime. I particularly liked the Leeds history, and the Leeds connections in the Collections area, as a lot of the ancient worlds/natural history material was nothing special (Leeds Mummy notwithstanding).

The museum has clearly been designed with children in mind, as there was plenty for them to do - and it seems to have paid off, as the place was packed with families - far more than I would have expected to see :) I was also very impressed with the gallery attendants - they were chatty, informative and welcoming.

The photography exhibition was fascinating, it was based around a series of photographs of Leeds taken in 1954 for the Picture Post, and presumed lost until 2004. When they were rediscovered The Guardian commissioned the original photographer to go back and re-take the photos. My only complaint is that there weren't enough of the side-by-side comparisons to see the changes in Leeds (which has changed a lot just in the time I have been here). I really enjoyed seeing the old photographs of Leeds though.

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I am going to see this with [ profile] morganmuffle  at the end of the run. Just over a month to go ::bounce::


Nov. 10th, 2008 06:02 pm
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Leeds must have had some more pennies this year. Lots of the new lights go flashy flashy. This is the only good thing from today.


Oct. 1st, 2008 09:08 am
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Yesterday I took a different bus home, and got it from an earlier stop than I normally would. Which gave me the chance to look at some parts of Leeds I haven't seen for a while. Things are being improved and regenerated all over the place. Including near the Armouries (or 'the C' as the area is now known). The Boar Lane end of Leeds City Centre has been in dire need of attention for a while now, so I shall watch that with interest.

Whilst there are many things I wholeheartedly approve of, there are some I am not so sure about. Like Leeds Met's 'redevelopment' on Broadcasting Place. The changes to the Corn Exchange don't seem to be so successful either.

Just going home a different way for a change has really made me look at my city, and think about how often I walk around without looking at all. I should be more aware of my surroundings.


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