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Got back just after midnight on monday (so really tuesday by then), and am back at work today.

I have transferred the photos on to my pc, but haven't put them online yet.

Expect a flurry of picture-heavy posts over the  next couple of days as I bore you all to death about the holiday.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 10:51 pm
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As well as looking after Mum last week, I had the chance to catch up on my crafting, especially the much-delayed bookmarks, but I will post about them later, because I am much more chuffed about my first ever pair of booties.

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So, I went home this weekend. On public transport (mostly).

Oh, and the blanket is finished, pictures to follow.

ETA: Mum looked over my assignments and said the essays were ok so far, and that the record comparison was fine (but for a few minor corrections), so I am very relieved
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Today my Nana is 90! We had a surprise party for her at my other Nana's flat this lunchtime and it went really well, a lot better than I expected it to (no pictures though, I forgot to get my camera out of my overnight bag) Nana didn't suspect a thing, which made it even better. Her face was a picture when she realised that all my cousins had come over from Leeds for the party.

We had a lovely cake from a local bakers (we miss Dad), and did a good spread for the food. Enough leftovers to bring some home, but all the hot food went, which was good.

Other things from the weekend:

Mum and I got caught in a torrential downpour on Saturday just as we were going back to her work after lunch - although despite another downpour like it, the air remained sticky and horrible. I did not sleep well at all both nights I was home. The cake we had at lunchtime was great though... it was worth getting soaked for

I did get a cookbook I have had my eye on for a while though, and at less than half price, so I am very pleased about that, and some new nailpolish too.
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Well, what did I expect, going to the Yorkshire seaside in 'Spring'...

The weekend wasn't a total washout though, as I had a lovely surprise when I got home - Mum had knitted a Cindy Scarf!
She also fixed my knitting, so there is progress on the baby blanket.

Nothing else to report, as it was too rainy to do anything interesting ...
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Which is why I don't normally go home when there is a bank holiday in sight - especially when I have to use public transport *shudder*.

The bus journeys were bad, as the buses were crowded with loud people, badly controlled children, and badly controlled dogs. I could also live without listening to you whine that a bus hadn't turned up, when if you had read the timetable you would have realised it doesn't run on Sundays or Bank Holidays. So it was your own stupid point you spent 3 hours at the bus stop *shaking head*

Other than the travel there were several downs to the weekend:

I was going to have some driving practice, but by the time we got round to it I had come down with a stinking head cold, and couldn't concentrate.

We went to Beverley just so I could get some new hiking boots, but the store didn't have any in stock - so I feel really bad that Mum took me there (and bought an expensive lunch), especially as I was already all shopped out from Asda and Matalan.

I had a stinking head cold.

Nana is getting worse, she really doesn't seem to care about anything now.

Brid was Brid at Easter.

I fouled up my knitting

There was some good too though:

I got to spend a lot of time with Mum.

Mum now knows how to work her DVD player (I think)

I have plants for my garden!

I got bargain joggers for Yoga in Asda, and the Green and Blacks chocolate cookbook for less than half price in Matalan

Mum is fixing my knitting

I got a lot of chocolate for Easter!

I got a bargain knitting magazine


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