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Before I get on with the holiday post(s) - I am currently sorting my photos - I had better update on a couple of other things.

As I was finally in Leeds over a Heritage Open day weekend, so Mum and I went to see a Church in Armley that has an impressive, and famous, organ, and to see the City Varieties as Mum hadn't been since the refurbishment had been finished.
I took some photos of the Church on my phone, but they didn't come out well, and I didn't take any at the City Varieties.  There were some other places I would have liked to have seen, but the weather wasn't exactly encouraging ;)

Rosie and I also took advantage of more of the free tickets available for the opera, and went to a matinee showing of Peter Grimes at Leeds Grand Theatre. It was the first full length opera I had seen, and I really enjoyed it - although it isn't the most cheery of operas. I really liked the moments where the chorus were swishing the nets as they sang, it was very atmospheric.

A couple of weeks later we went to see Sweeny Todd at the West Yorkshire Playhouse - on reading the programme we were a bit unsure as it had been set in the 1970s rather than the 1870s setting it normally gets (the book itself, which I have downloaded to read, is set about 100 years back again, so the changing setting made sense) - but it worked really well. The cast were fantastic as well, and I loved the touch that when previous 'victims' had to come back into the chorus, they wore bloodstained bandages around the neck.


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