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I am watching the first programme about the Chelsea Flower show of the year, and this isn't a good idea. It inspires me - just as I am resigned to having no garden for some time.

So far I have particularly liked the Daily Telegraph garden, the Moroccan garden (and I am delighted to see Chris Beardshaw back where he belongs - I think I will be watching his and Carol's speicals on the floral pavillon)

While I am not a fan of Orchids, I was very impressed with the skill and enthusiasm of the Japanese grower they interviewed.

Just a shame we might be having to take drastic measures with my garden which will confine me to container gardening for the time being. Mind you, it won't be a bad thing as this garden has a negative effect on my desire to grow things.


Feb. 10th, 2008 09:42 pm
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I am watching Around the World in 80 Gardens. It is depressing to hear how many great gardens (including those around the Taj Mahal) were 'improved' under British Rule. Improved by adding lawns (just like Capability Brown landscapes)


I don't get the attraction of grass/lawn in the slightest.

Now water gardens I could go for in a big way, they are stunning.

As I have this on my (ever growing) to be read pile, the spice gardens have been very interesting.
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This is the new Sunday night offering on BBC2, and I had been looking forward to it for a while, hoping to get some inspiration for my 'jungle'. While I did get a bit of inspiration, I was not generally impressed with the choices in Mexico and Cuba - and have come to the conclusion that Monty Don and I don't share the same taste in gardens.

I was very interested in the organic vegetable growing in Cuba, as I still want to grow veggies in my garden  (or wherever I end up living). I also found the
Las Pozas, Xilitla garden fascinating (but Monty Don wasn't sure), and would like to see that.

Luis Barragan left me cold though, I am sorry but a collection of terracotta pots, and a pink wall does not a garden make (and this is coming from someone who wants a purple shed!) I was also disappointed by the The Ethnobotanical Garden, Oaxaca, as I thought that as they had restored the monastery it would have been far more inkeeping to recreate the garden as it was. Oh, and I thought what they did do was hideous, which didn't help. 
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Mum was here this weekend, so of course, we gardened. Mum bought us a new hedge trimmer, a cordless one that is lighter than the old one, and doesn't require a chain of extension leads to get down the garden.

So, we were able to tackle a bit more of the hedge, and as it was lighter, and had no danger of cutting the wire, I was brave enough to tackle some bits of the front hedge that needed a ladder, or me to wave the hedge trimmer above my head.
Which means the hedge looks almost presentable for the first time in I don't know how long. No mohican of bits in the middle we couldn't reach. I hate the hedge a little less when it doesn't look so bad.

We still need to tackle the weeds though. But we are getting there.

I am shattered now, but I did get a lot of fresh air and exercise today.
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I am too tired to think of a better title for this entry.

Mum was through this weekend, so there was some gardening done and we had an  outing and a meal out.

The gardening was frustrating - the only things that grow without being eaten are the weeds. I am sick of buying expensive slug food, which is all my plants turn out to be.

Then we went out for fantastic, cheap, Indian food. I forgot to take my camera though, so no food porn.
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Which is why I don't normally go home when there is a bank holiday in sight - especially when I have to use public transport *shudder*.

The bus journeys were bad, as the buses were crowded with loud people, badly controlled children, and badly controlled dogs. I could also live without listening to you whine that a bus hadn't turned up, when if you had read the timetable you would have realised it doesn't run on Sundays or Bank Holidays. So it was your own stupid point you spent 3 hours at the bus stop *shaking head*

Other than the travel there were several downs to the weekend:

I was going to have some driving practice, but by the time we got round to it I had come down with a stinking head cold, and couldn't concentrate.

We went to Beverley just so I could get some new hiking boots, but the store didn't have any in stock - so I feel really bad that Mum took me there (and bought an expensive lunch), especially as I was already all shopped out from Asda and Matalan.

I had a stinking head cold.

Nana is getting worse, she really doesn't seem to care about anything now.

Brid was Brid at Easter.

I fouled up my knitting

There was some good too though:

I got to spend a lot of time with Mum.

Mum now knows how to work her DVD player (I think)

I have plants for my garden!

I got bargain joggers for Yoga in Asda, and the Green and Blacks chocolate cookbook for less than half price in Matalan

Mum is fixing my knitting

I got a lot of chocolate for Easter!

I got a bargain knitting magazine

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Well I have now completed the first term of the Yoga class, and I can't wait for next term to start as I am really enjoying it. I think it is helping a little with the weight loss, and it is certainly helping with the posture and back pain. I am sure the breathing will come along in time (especially once my sinuses are sorted)  - although last nights attempt at alternate nostril breathing was an unmitigated disaster! My nose is apparently unfamilar with the concept that it can be used for breathing through ;-)

It has now got to the stage that I am seriously considering modifying my garden design so that I can incorporate some yoga space, as I am short of space indoors (I have no room to do a lot of the twists), so I can do more practice in the summer.

I have picked up some good leaflets from my teacher, so between those and the DVD I bought a while ago, I should be able to keep going over the break.

As a bonus, there is a real chance that work might pay for the yoga through the 'Learning for Life' scheme !


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