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The weekend was quite productive in terms of shopping and knitting.

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Really must bake bread. Must.


Jun. 8th, 2008 04:59 pm
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Mum is through this weekend, and she brought me this:

It was supposed to be a birthday present, but it had been put away 'safe' - which is why I have only just got it. Not that I mind, I am delighted to have the book :)
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My lack of motivation for study is alive and well. So I have finished a scarf, made apple crumble, leek and cheese tart and lemon curd tarts, exercised and yoga'd.

I will make a serious effort to do some study tomorrow - really ;-)

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Curry: A tale of Cooks and Conquerers by Lizzie Collingham.

I have just finished reading this, and it is so good I am going to get my own copy (I had it from the library).

Not only does it give an excellent, readable, history of how curry came to be curry, where it came from and how it spread around the world (I also really reccommend the chapter on tea, of course ;-)), but it comes with 20 recipies!

The general background history of India is interesting too, and relevant to the history of curry. I also had some food relationships pointed out to me that I really should have realised (such as pilau=paella)

Warning, reading it might make you hungry though...

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First things first - I hate my sinuses! I still have the stinking cold I was off work with yesterday, and now the inflammation in my sinuses is making the remains of my abscess hurt <ggg> The sooner I get an ENT appointment the better.

I have finally started the cross stitch, so I feel a little less stressed about that, although I have no idea yet if I can get it done and framed in time. A lot of that depends on what happens when I go looking for the 'other' framers that I can get to by bus. I do feel so much better for having started it though. I have also started my knitting olympics project, as the winter Olympics are now underway. I was wondering if the scarf was 'too simple' a project, but I had another look at the pattern, and each bit is 54" long, so that is 162" of knitting in total - that is a lot of knitting, especially with everything else I have on at the moment.

This weekend is primarily going to be a study weekend, as I am way behind (what is new) and this is starting to weigh on my mind a little. I really don't know why I am having so much trouble settling to this, as I am actually enjoying this module. I also need to sort my CILIP membership, but it is looking like that will have to wait until Mum is here next weekend.

My Aunt and Cousin are definitely coming for lunch next Sun - so that is another thing for me to worry about, as there is so much I need to do to make the house fit for visitors. Not to mention working out what on earth I can cook. Ah well, enough wine and all will seem well!

Speaking of cooking, the cookbook I won from the Scwarz webiste has finally arrived. I have won: Great Indian Feasts by Mridula Baljekar. What I wasn't expecting was that I also got 6 jars of spices as part of my prize (this may have been mentioned in the original competition, but that was 3 months or so ago, the email I got about 6 weeks ago telling me I had won certainly didn't mention any spices), I got: Ginger paste, Garlic paste, Cumin Seeds, Turmeric, Garam Masala and Hot Chilli Powder, none of which I had in, so I am really pleased with this. It certainly made my morning. Although I don't really need the garlic, as I still have about 10 heads that my Uncle grew. Maybe this will all kick start my cooking again - I really do need to eat better as well, especially if I want to keep losing weight.

I just had a letter from the library, they claim that Stictch N Bitch is out of print, but I have just checked with the suppliers we use at work, and they disagree. I also have a feeling I have seen it in the shops recently. So I shall check Borders on Monday and go hassle the library about this on Wednesday. Even Amazon thinks it is still in print. I don't mind paying for an interlibrary loan - I do mind that the library can't seem to find out the most basic information (not to mention I really can't believe that Stitch N Bitch is out of print, what with the upsurge in knitting at the moment)

Back to the knitting - apparently there is a really good haberdashers (that does buttons, something I have had difficulty getting), not far from my cousin's husband's shop. She could have told me .... I shall have words about this on Sunday (well only if the shop is any good - Mum and I may call in on Saturday if we can).

Finally, today my Grandad would have been 87 - so this update is dedicated to him.


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