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Only 1 book in each month, bringing me to 45 books for the year. Not great, and likely to go down even more if I do get back on with Aber next year. 

Ah well. Here they are. 

44: The Emperor's Bones Adam Williams

Sequel to The Palace of Heavenly Pleasures that I read a couple of months ago. Nice follow up to the story, as the baby born towards the end of the last book is now 21 ... so many of the characters overlap, but the history has changed completely as it is now after the First World War. I definitely would recommend reading both books. 

I started reading Trains and Buttered Toast which is a collection of John Betjeman's radio broadcasts, but I couldn't settle to it. I don't think I was in the right mood for Betjeman. I have put it aside to read later. 

45: The Dante Club Matthew Pearl

This has been on my Amazon reading list for a while, so when I spotted it in a charity shop for 50p I snapped it up (that is cheaper than a reservation from the library) . Definitely worth the money - I really enjoyed the mix of history, literature and murder. Great plot, kept me wondering about a lot of things until the end. 
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Again, not a long list. I have been spending bus time listening to The History of Rome podcast, and playing Pocket Frogs. The same person is responsible for both these things, and she knows who she is. 

41: The Street Philosopher Matthew Plampin

Set partly in Manchester, and partly in the Crimean War, it is two stories told side by side, and how they affected the characters. I enjoyed this, and found the characters well written, and wanted to know what had happened. Good ending too. 

42: Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City

I would have loved to have seen this exhibition, but this book is a good 'second best' as the photography is amazing, and there are plenty of colour photographs. The only thing I would have liked is a clearer idea of how some of them were worn. This is one I might buy. 

43: Weeds: a cultural history Richard Mabey

This was absolutely fascinating. I watched a programme on weeds earlier this year, and this was an expansion of that. I don't think I will ever look at some weeds the same way again - urban weeds, that is. It hasn't changed my view on the bindweed in my garden though!

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Better late than never I suppose. 

38: The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure Adam Williams 

Set in China at the time of the Boxer Rebellion. Very interesting, lots of history and fantastic characters. I am very much looking forward to reading the next book. 

40: The Crime at Black Dudley Margery Allingham

This is the first time I have read an Albert Campion mystery, and I quite enjoyed it. I am not sure I will like Margery Allingham's work as much as I like Agatha Christie's, but I will definitely read more. 

41: Below Stairs Margaret Powell

I read this in a day, as it wasn't very long, and it was quite an easy read. I have to say I was very disappointed in it. For all it is being advertised on the back of things like Downton, the author only worked in a very large house very briefly  - and didn't actually spend that long in service. She also seemed very bitter about all her experiences, except those in the large house. 
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Despite my holiday I have only finished 2 books this month - but I do have some very substantial books on the go that will make an appearance later.

36: Home Bill Bryson

I read this while I was on holiday, and it was absolutely the right book to read, considering the amount of times that Blenheim cropped up. But, it would have been fascinating to read at home too, given the subject matter. Definitely one I will re-read, and recommend (I have already lent it to Mum so she can read all the bits I didn't read out to her!)

37: Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte

This cropped up in a few places (some more unexpected than others, passages of this were given to school boys to translate into Ancient Greek) and I realised it had been a while since I read it. I don't think there is anything to say that hasn't been said before.

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Not a long list, but it still took me almost a week of Febuary to get round to posting it.

1, 2, and 3: His Dark Materials Philip Pullman

I am going to talk about these as a trilogy, rather than as individual books. I had listened to Northern Lights before on audio book, but I couldn't get on with it, and it has taken me a long time to get round to actually reading them. I am glad I did. Northern Lights didn't impress me as much as the later two books - I particularly liked the sections with Mary and the Mulefa. The worlds and they way they are connected were so well done, I really couldn't put it down towards the end.

4: Unnatural Fire Fidelis Morgan

I found this in the library at work, while getting some of the Dark Materials out  - this was a wonderful bit of light relief. Set in late restoration London, the main two characters were a scream, and it was a wonderful combination of murder mystery and humour. I will most likely read more of this series.


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