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Yesterday I went to the food festival in Leeds to meet up with a friend for her birthday - in the end there was a group of about 6 of us there. We split up to get the food of our choice for lunch, and then we managed to get some seats on the benches near the stage when we met up again. This coincided with a presentation from 'the Asda Chef' (Asda sponsor the festival) introduced by Claire Frisbee (who presents Look North on BBC Breakfast).

It didn't start well as Claire Frisbee announced that the chef would be making whatever, and that the Asda's head of Food Innovation (I can't remember either of their names) would be making something sweet 'for the ladies'. Later on as the HOFI was putting icing onto a pre-made cake (there wasn't much actual cooking in her part of the demonstration) she mentioned you could get your husband to do this 'as he's good at plastering'


At least the the food was good - and the cider was excellent. 

Club Cairo

Dec. 6th, 2012 08:52 pm
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Seeing as the buses have thwarted my attempt to go and see Anna dance tonight (I had time still, but after standing in the rain for 40 minutes I was cold and wet (not to mention could do without another cold/more sick time) and not really feeling 'social' any more, I think it would be a good time to catch up and write a bit about Club Cairo, which was almost 2 weeks ago (also in the pouring rain, but that time I got drenched on the way home) 

It was a fantastic night, all 4 dancers were great - 3 I knew, and one who was new to me from Newcastle (Joanne). It was quite a revelation to see Sabrina do a drum solo!
I loved the set up with the Just Because money to shower the dancers with - and the venue was great. I hope they do it again soon!
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Yesterday afternoon I went over to York to see [ profile] miriammoules  and [ profile] brainduck . I had a really good time. Nice food, excellent company, much zombie conversation (we even ate pear braaaaaiiiiiins)

Cut for pictures of yarn and knitting )


Mar. 15th, 2009 10:53 am
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Last night [ profile] morganmuffle, [ profile] frayer  and I went to the last night of Othello, starring Lenny Henry at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

We started the evening with an excellent curry - which was supposed to be North African food, but a restaurant seems to have vanished/gone on holiday rather abruptly! With website still intact! Ah well. The curry was very good, and the company even better :)

Othello is not a play I have seen before, or studied, although I know the story, so I didn't have anything to compare this production to - but any subsequent production is going to have a lot to live up to! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lenny Henry was a fantastic Othello, and he really put his all into the performance. Sadly Iago fluffed his lines in a couple of places - I appreciate he has more lines than Othello, but after a month of performances we felt he should have them down a bit better. I liked the costuming (sorta Edwardian - I loved Emilia's skirt and Desdemona's shoes) and the sparseness of the set - all your focus was on the acting. The production made full use of the slightly odd shape of the Playhouse stage, and the potential of the many entrances and exits - which made things quite lively.

Perhaps I need a theatre icon ....

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The production of Othello I am going to see just made the 6 O'Clock news! and it is going to be on Look North as well

Not that it needs all this advertising, apparently it is sold out already!

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I am going to see this with [ profile] morganmuffle  at the end of the run. Just over a month to go ::bounce::
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I had a lovely weekend last weekend when [profile] altairastar came to stay. We cross stitched and watched Pride and Prejudice, and it was good


Nov. 15th, 2006 10:29 am
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Yet again I am so touched by something a friend has done for me. [profile] phonemonkey has knitted me the most amazing lace bookmark you ever did see (again b/c of the forum implosion). I am really overwhelmed that she made me something that took so much work  - and feel so unworthy.

So thankyou [profile] phonemonkey, thankyou so very much. I love the bookmark, and I will treasure it. It is a truly awesome piece of knitting too, especially for a first lace project too!

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Both to yoga and to knitting!

Knitting was good, even though I could only stay an hour. Even though not a lot of people came, we did have a beginner knitter there, who was getting lessons. I didn't volunteer to teach, as I couldn't stay. I was disappointed to see him talked out of trying purling, which would have been needed for the begginners scarf kit he had (which was stocking stitch I think). 

I didn't take the baby blanket with me, as I decided it was too big to cart into town with my yoga stuff as well, so I took my long-abandonded cushion front, as that fits in my handbag. Quite a lot of people were surprised not to see the blanket, and asked after it, which surprised me a lot. I have promised them a photo when it is done. 

Yoga went really well. Again, there weren't many people there, which was a shame, but that did mean more attention, and more space - especially along the walls when we did one of the balances. We did some new postures, as well as some I am familiar with, and Liz even said I was doing well a couple of times, which made it feel like the struggle was worth it
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I had two nice things happen today

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I would like to welcome one and all to our new Manners Forum on Delphi. Stop on by if you feel so inclined.

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Mainly because I had a visit from [personal profile] ninox and [profile] a_pawson - which meant I had to be social (and surprisingly enough I enjoyed that) . It was great to meet [profile] a_pawson at last, having heard so much about him
I was espeically pleased that [personal profile] ninox loved Leeds' Victorian architecture as much as I do - there don't seem to be many of us who do. It was so great to see them, and I hope we can get together more often. 
I am so impressed that [personal profile] ninox is going to Aber again this week, as I am still so far behind with my module. Maybe this will be the kick I need (not that I got much done this weekend, but never mind)

Also the holiday plans are finally taking shape. Hotels and buses are booked (Megabus again), and Morrisons very kindly provided me with a bogof voucher for Thorpe Park, and one that we might use to go to Warwick Castle. Final hotel details will be worked out at knitting tomorrow.

I have started the looking after myself regime and made good progress on the Knit and Purl cats for Mum. Also managed to eat quite healthily for once, despite having all you can eat Chinese for lunch. 

All in all I am quite happy with my weekend - which in itself made a nice change.

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