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I forgot at the end of November, again.

50: Murder on the Brighton Express Edward Marston [Kindle]

This was actually quite apt in theme, as there was a lot about immigration in it! The plot was good, there were actually some arrests this time, not just convienient deaths. Very enjoyable.

51: A Scandalous Life: the biography of Jane Digby Mary S. Lovell

Absolutely fascinating - Jane Digby was a very unsual and adventurous woman. This was an excellent biography, a well rounded portrait of a woman who was at times amazingly generous, and yet also could be very petulant and petty. This is also the second book I have read this year in which Richard and Isabel Burton did not come out well.

52: The White Princess Philippa Gregory

Very readable, but so very Yorkist partisan - you really get the impression that she hates Margaret Beaufort! Having said that, I would have read much further into the story as it is very well written, and the plot moves along at a good pace.

53: Railway to the Grave Edward Marston [Kindle]

Excelent plot twists - not the least finding out that the Superintendant actually has a friend!  Loved the plot device that an interest in brass bands was a shameful secret - and the references to the literature of the day.

54: My Name is Shylock Howard Jacobson

This was the choice for December book group, and it is one of the few I have truly hated - I am not sure I would even have finished it if I hadn't had to for book group. I thought it was pretentious twaddle, where Jacobson is so concerned with being clever that the writing style, plot, and characterisation all suffer. Not everyone agreed though - we were quite split on this one.

55: Blood on the Line Edward Marston [Kindle]

I enjoyed this a lot, there were more trains than had been in a couple of recent ones, although they even get to America. Victor was a bit whiny though - despite actually catching, not killing, the 'baddie'.

56: The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries [Kindle]

I started this collection last Christmas, but abandoned it unfinished after 12th night, just to finish off this Christmas. A good assortment of stories, and on the whole I liked more than I didn't like, which is as much as you can hope for in a collection. A huge number of stories, so very good value.

57: Thin Air Ann Cleeves [Kindle]

The novels are so different from the TV series in terms of Perez's background, but I am definitely enjoying both. Although this wasn't a Christmas Story, it was set in the summer, a ghost was crucial to the plot, so it fit the Christmas tradition of ghost stories. The only down side was a female colleague from the mainland - she was very annoying, I hope she isn't in too many of them.

58: A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens [Kindle]

Good to have a re-read of this every now and again as there are a lot of details you forget - and that they don't include in the films. Very enjoyable.

59: Christmas is Murder Val McDermid [Kindle]

Two short stories featuring the same detective - on festive and one not. Nice little twists.

60 : Out of Bounds Val McDermid

The latest one featuring Karen Pirie, kindly lent to me by Tim. Literally couldn't put this down (which as it is a hefty hardback, was a bit awkward on the bus, at bus stops etc). Great plot and character development, brilliant writing. Also, the bonus short story was really good too. A great final read for the year.

Date: 2017-01-01 12:12 pm (UTC)
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I enjoy the railway detective stories. Have you ever read the Jane Austen mysteries by Stephanie Baron? I love them they shouldn't work but they do.

Date: 2017-01-01 12:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I haven't no - I will keep an eye out for them - thank you for the recommendation :)


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