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38: Go set a Watchman Harper Lee

I wasn't quite sure about this as I was reading it, and I certainly went through a range of emotions while I was reading it. It gave me a lot to think about too. This was supposed to be the book group book for August, but due to holidays/sickness, we have postponed until September - I think it will give us a lot to discuss, if we can remember what we thought/felt!

39: Ticket to Oblivion Edward Marston [Kindle]

Very enjoyable - I particularly loved to hate the villains in this one. Also, I love how the level of funny is maintained throughout the series  at just the right level.

40: Explorers of the Nile: the triumph and tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure Tim Jeal

This took forever to read, as being a hefty hardback, I have been only reading it at home. It was worth it though. Fascinating look at the utterly mad people who refused to give up - and how it was pretty much force of personality that got them there in the end. Not that they were necessarily nice people, some of them were anything but. It was also interesting what went right (stopping the slavers) and what went wrong (almost everything else) in their dealings with varying African tribes.

41: Fashion on the Ration: Style in the Second World War Julie Summers

Brilliantly written and way funnier in places than I expected it to be. I had never realised how much control over clothing the government had, nor quite how much knitting was done. A little Vogue-centric, which is understandable considering the author's background. I must get my own copy of this - and am now really keen on going to Salford for the exhibition.

42: Winter in Madrid C.J. Sansom [Kindle]

Just sneaked this into August, as that is when I read most of it. Brilliant thriller, good twists and turns, particularly at end - although slightly spoiled by one rather lazy death at the end. Looking forward to reading Dominion.
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