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Jul. 4th, 2016 07:03 pm
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28: Hogs Back Mystery Freeman Wills Croft [Kindle]

This is from the golden era of crime, but is more of a police procedural than a Poirot-style 'inspiration' methodology. Very interesting style, but definitely would have worked better in print, as it had maps, and complete page references to the clues at the end.
I liked the detective, Inspector French, very much - particularly his fondness for cycling everywhere, and actually taking time off and spending it with his wife!

29: March Geraldine Brooks

Filling in the blanks of what happened to Mr March while he is at the war in Little Women- and some flashbacks to what happened before, how they lost their money etc. I liked it a lot, it makes him into a well rounded, less saintly character, although I am not so sure she quite had to spoil the ending scenes of LW,bithat was a bit too far for me. Going on the list to recommend to Mum once she has moved.

30: Sharp Ends Joe Abercrombie

Great set of short stories with a good mixture of new and familar characters. I particularly liked the new characters Shev & Javre. Very interesting to see some earlier perspectives on some familar faces. Brilliant writing as always, and so funny. I treated myself to the hard back as I didn't want to wait. Also got it signed. ~

Treachery S.J. Parris.

This is the 4th book in a series, but the first one I have read. Lent to me by a friend, and I enjoyed it very much - we are both going to look out for the earlier ones in the series. I liked Bruno very much, and found his interactions with Philip Sidney to be very funny. Good mystery and characters in general.


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