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51: A Passage to India E.M. Forster

This was the December book group choice, and it meant I finally got round to reading it. I enjoyed it, it was fascinating to see late colonial India from a contemporary perspective - although I do wonder with what 'authority' he was able to describe the thoughts and feelings of Indians. Perhaps being a writer he was able to be a little 'outside' of convential Anglo-India.

52: The Hedge Knight George R.R. Martin [Kindle]

This was the first time I had tried to read a graphic novel on the tablet, and I wasn't sure about it, but I thought it was worth risking 99p. Mostly it worked, although there were a couple of double page spreads I would have liked to be able to zoom into a little. Good story, nicely self-contained, and good art. I loved that the alternate cover images were also included.

53: Pure Andrew Miller [Kindle]

Bought this on the premise of the blurb, and because it was cheap. It was very odd. It was interesting, and quite a good story, but I am not quite sure if I enjoyed it.

54: The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding Agatha Christie [Kindle]

A sesonal Poirot story I bought as a one-off. It is one I have definitely seen on the television, but it was good to read all the same. Classic Christie with a country house setting, and a nice twist in the plot.

55: The Man in the Snow: A John Shakespeare Novella Rory Clements [Kindle]

Another nice seasonal murder, great plot and characters. I have read a couple of others in this series, and am going to make an effort to get some more.

56: Hercule Poirot's Christmas Agatha Christie [Kindle]

More seasonal murder. Again, a classic with a country house, a twist, and a family at war. I think I may have seen this one on TV, but not so frequently. Brilliantly written and observed, as ususal.


Quite a bit of reading this month, but I didn't make my goodreads target of 65 books - not that I mind as it was 10 more than last year. I have split the difference and made 60 the target for 2016. Whether I meet it is going to depend on how many novellas I read, versus how many mighty tomes (and I have one more A Song of Ice and Fire epic to go...)
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