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November started well, but then trailled off as I couldn't settle to anything, even before I got ill.

46: How to be both Ali Smith

This was the November choice, and it was a really interesting choice. For those who know about this book, I had the modern section first (and just over half of us did). I found the style of the modern section quite annoying at times, but either I had got used to it, or this style was less annoying for the historical section. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would though.

47: Rivers of London Ben Aaronovitch [Kindle]

This was so good, I am going to have to ration reading this series or I will get impatient. Funny and clever and dark - and great characters.

48: Inspector Colbeck's Casebook Edward Marston [Kindle]

Good collection of short stories. A bit of a spoiler for the later novels in the first story, but a very pleasing one.

49: Rosetta Simon Cornish [Kindle]

Downloaded this on a whim after seeing it in a BookHippo email. Not a bad little novella with an interesting premise, and the SF aspects were defintely downplayed.

50: Amy's Diary Maureen Lee

Part of the Quick Reads series and it was indeed very quick (and easy) to read - almost got it finished while waiting for a bus! It was a nice, well written, little story. A pleasant way to pass a cold wait ;)


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