Jun. 1st, 2017

May Books

Jun. 1st, 2017 07:36 pm
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 23: A perfect red: empire, espionage and the quest for the colour of desire Amy Butler Greenfield 

A fascinating subject matter, but very badly let down by cost-cutting in the paperback edition - the photograph section was printed in black and white, and on normal paper, not glossy, which rendered most of the pictures as blurry blobs. What made it worse is the use of colour in the pictures is referred to in the text - and of course you can't get any of that benefit. This is a real shame, as cochineal has had quite an impact on world history. 

24: The book of lost things John Connolly 

This was May's read for the book group - and a re-read for me (rare with book club books). If anything I loved it more on this second reading. But then again, dark mashed up fairy stories are very much my thing, especially with the touches of humour. I also love the comprehensive end matter in this edition. It wasn't universally liked though, which did lead to a good discussion (although I am more convinced than ever that when it comes to fantasy, my book group are a bunch of philistines)

25: The Canterbury Tales by Night Omnibus Paul Doherty 

Three books in one (which explains the low numbers this month) - one of which I had read before, but so long ago I couldn't actually remember that much about it. I did enjoy all three mysteries, and I very much like the connections he is drawing between the pilgrims. My main complaint is that, because these are quite old, there are some historical myths in there that jar a little. 


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